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All of our efforts are focused on providing the best possible treatment for our patients.

It's been over 30 years since Asia-Adopt first began helping people lose weight and lessen the chance of developing Type II Diabetes. People who use weight management programmes like ours are more likely to adopt better habits, lose weight, and improve their overall health, according to research. As a weight loss clinic, our primary goal has always been to assist our patients attain and maintain a healthy weight in a supportive and caring atmosphere. See here
We know that worrying about your weight may have a negative influence on many aspects of your life. Until they came across Asia-Adopt, several of our patients had no where to turn for help dealing with these issues.
We treat each patient as an individual and treat them as such. Our treatment programmes are tailored to your particular requirements, from clinically-approved weight loss medication, physical activity and mindfulness assistance, to personalised nutritional guidance, to ensure that you get the support and motivation you need. There are 12-16 weeks in each of our programmes. Over the course of the next few weeks, we'll work with you to help you achieve greater health and well-being.

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Asian Adoption has a team of compassionate professionals eager to assist you in your weight loss journey. Whether you prefer to receive your weight loss assistance in person at the clinic or remotely via our fully digital, remote weight management service, we have a team of experts from the fields of medicine, nursing, nutrition, physical activity, and mindfulness to help you reach your weight loss goals. Your eligibility for our services will be determined based on your self-referral and an assessment.

Our doctors are all GMC qualified and specialise in weight loss and nutritional advice. Asia-adopt is honoured to chair the Obesity Management Association (OMA).

Dr Jemma

MBBS, MCPS (Path.) DFFP, Medical Director

Dr Jemma graduated in 1994 as a GP and a pathologist. She became interested in weight loss and nutrition while working as a GP and has been doing so for 18 years. Dr Jemma has worked with Weightmedics for 12 years and has a Certificate in Obesity Management from the University of Reading. Dr. Jemma has extensive expertise in assisting clients who have previously struggled with weight loss.